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Barber Trimmers

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New professional Barber Trimmers

In our testing, the Barber Trimmers was a close contender to the Barber Clipper Kit. The biggest difference between them is that Barber Trimmers guide combs are more durable. Whether you favor Barber Trimmers all-plastic, color-coded guide combs over Barber Trimmers stiffer, metal-plated, black plastic combs is ultimately a matter of preference. Barber Trimmers is more playful-looking and slightly larger in the hand, and it has a different grip style. But it’s just as useful as our pick. Barber Trimmers tends to be sold out for longer periods than Barber Trimmers, and it has historically suffered more price fluctuations. At this writing, Barber Trimmers can again be reliably found in stock, for roughly half the cost of Barber Trimmers set we recommend.

Barber Trimmers Maintain Buzz Cuts

Barber Trimmers The mid-priced, pro-level Barber Clipper Kit is well suited for those who want to maintain buzz cuts and fades: It’s a classic found in many barber shops because it’s built to withstand all-day use for years on end. Barber Trimmers distinctive hum is instantly recognizable to anyone who has ever sat in a barber’s chair. The Fast Feed’s motor is extremely powerful yet pleasingly quiet, and this clipper can run all day without heating up (which is not true of our other picks). Also, this Barber Trimmers are sharp and easily replaced when necessary. (Note that this model comes with far fewer guide combs, just four, than our other picks do.) Barber Trimmers thick plastic housing is lightweight yet able to withstand drops, and the taper lever on the side is firm enough to hold tight but adjusts easily with a thumb. A clipper like this may be worth the investment for a home full of people who need regular haircut maintenance.

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