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Perm Solution

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Can you straighten hair with perm solution?

Perm solutions can vary in strength, so make sure you choose the right one for your hair type. For example, if you have very tight curls, a thinner perm rod is ideal, while a jumbo size is perfect for looser waves. You'll also want to find a perm solution kit
with a drip guard to prevent the perm solution kit from spilling down your hairline. Many perm solution kit also come with a timer, so you can keep track of how long the perm solution needs to be on your hair.

Another consideration is the pH level of the perm wave solution. Some perm wave solution are alkaline, while others are acidic. Choosing the right one depends on the active ingredient in the perm wave solution. The most common ingredient is alkaline ammonium thioglycolate, which doesn't need heat to activate. Perm wave solution pH level is between 9.0 and 9.6. However, if you have a very weak hair type, you may want to opt for a hotter perm wave solution.

Melena #2 Waving Lotion For Coloured Hair Perm 1L/1000ml

Can you use perm solution on eyebrows?

A perming solution that is too acidic can damage your hair. This is why a neutralizer is important, as overprocessing your hair can cause damage. Perming solution prevents the perm solution from processing your hair and helps it retain its natural curls. For those with healthy hair, an alkaline perm solution is recommended. If you have brittle or fragile hair, an acidic perming solution will be better.

After using a perming solution, it is important to rinse your hair thoroughly to avoid extensive damage. Once the perm solution is removed, the stylist needs to apply a neutralizer to restore the bonds of your hair shaft. The neutralizer should remain on the hair for approximately 10 minutes before perming solution needs to be removed.

A body wave perm solution kit contains a perm solution, neutralizer, paper end wraps, and rollers. This perm solution kit adds texture and volume to your hair, and the resulting curl is softer and looser than other types of perm wave solution. The body perm wave solution is also gentler on the scalp than other perm styles.

Innovative Yellow Box Perm 2 2 x 125ml

How long do you keep perm solution in your hair?

Another popular type of perm wave solution is alkaline. Also known as cold perm wave solution, alkaline perms do not require any heat to set. They are best for damaged and coarse hair, but require more time. Perm wave solution takes about 20 minutes for the alkaline perm to dry, while an acid perm needs around an hour and a half to complete.

A perm solution kit contains chemical solutions to give your hair a beautiful, glossy finish. A good perm solution kit also contains a comb and clips to hold hair segments in place. Perm solution kit rods should also have paper end wraps to keep them in place. For long or thick hair, you may need more than one wrap.

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