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The Ultimate Guide to Hairbrush Types

What are you tangling for? We all know the value of hair maintenance, and brushing is a part of sustaining healthy hair. Perfect brush means perfect hair, right? But it’s hard to brush off the variation of products on the market. Not to worry! We’ve compiled a huge list of hairbrush types for each and every strand of hair. 

How Often Should You Brush Your Hair

How often you pick up the hair brush is very much dependant on your hair type. Brushing regularly helps to distribute essential oils and stimulate the scalp, keeping locks smooth and shiny. For straighter locks, aim to brush twice daily; curls and coils may only need brushing once a week to prevent build-up of shed hair. 

How To Clean Your Hair Brushes

Cleaning your hairbrush regularly will help to banish dirt, product residue, and scalp oil build-up on the bristles. No matter the hairbrush type, the same method of cleaning generally applies. Remove stray hairs before attempting to clean. Lather the brush with antibacterial dish soap or shampoo and warm water, be sure to scrub the bristles in one way only. After 30 seconds of scrubbing, rinse the brush properly. Ensure there is no residual cleaning product on the brush before drying face down.

Hair Detangler Brush

The trusty detangler brush is a life saver for eliminating those knots. Useful for all hair types, these brushes can be used on both wet and dry hair. Their special design minimizes damage from brushing tangled hair, and their thin flexible bristles make knot-busting easy and painless. 

Wet Hairbrush

Another tangle-teaser, wet hairbrushes are best used on – you guessed it – wet hair brush. They use fine, soft bristles to work through the toughest knots without causing damage. They’re also handy for heat-styling, with heat-resistant bristles that won’t melt or break when blow-drying.

Cushion Brush

With soft rubber bases and stiff wire bristles, the cushion brush is great at brushing out dandruff or build-up from hair styling Brush.

Thermal Brush

The famous ‘hair stylist brush’, Thermal brushes are round with a barrel made of a material that conducts heat, usually ceramic. Unsurprisingly, they’re perfect for blow drying Brush.


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