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Babyliss pro Hair Trimmers Red Black Fx Skeleton Lithium Outliner Cordless
BaBylissPro FoilFX02 Red & Black Trimmer delivers top-notch performance with hypoallergenic Professional Hair Trimmer For Men. The Babyliss pro trimmer comes with a dual foil shaver design that offers high-class cutting precision. The improved design Professional Hair Trimmer For Men allows you to...
$366.00 $289.23
Babyliss Pro Hair Trimmer PurpleFX Skeleton Lithium
Babyliss PRO Hair Trimmer performance you expect from the hair T-Outliner, now with cordless hair tirmmer freedom and convenience. Professional Hair Trimmer For Men Extremely powerful, the high-speed rotary motor with blade speeds over 7200 SPM. Babyliss PRO Hair Trimmer Features constant...
$320.00 $289.23
Babyliss Pro Gold FX Skeleton Lithium Hair Outliner Trimmer- Gold Trimmer
Babyliss Pro trimmers on the market, Bayliss pro hair t-outliner is one of the most popular. Gold Hair Trimmer comes with 4 different comb attachments and has an impressive one-year warranty. Babyliss Pro trimmers ergonomic design is perfect for men with a bushy beard....
$345.23 $272.90
BaBylissPRO BlackFX Outliner Trimmer comes as one of the most advanced products in a long list of highly specialised hair Outliner trimmer blade. The professional trimmer functions with a motor designed by Ferrari with its similar sleekness and precision. Babyliss Pro trimmers spots a high torque function suitable...
$345.23 $272.90
BaBylissPRO RedFX Outliner Trimmer comes as one of the most advanced products in a long list of highly specialised hair Outliner trimmer blade. The professional trimmer functions with a motor designed by Ferrari with its similar sleekness and precision. Babyliss...
$345.23 $272.90
BaByliss PRO FX Lithium Gold Hair Trimmer B788GA Cord/Cordless - Beard Trimmer
Babyliss hair trimmer Designed by Ferrari engineers, the BaBylissPRO GoldFX Lithium Hair Trimmer features high torque motor with a unique, 360° exposed, Zero-gap T blade. Cordless Zero-gap Hair Trimmer This one of a kind, high speed, cord/cordless lithium trimmer speeds...
$354.00 $278.32
Babyliss Pro Silver FX B788SA T Blade Professional Body Trimmer
PROFESSIONAL BABYLISS PRO HAIR TRIMMER IS EXTREMELL POWERFULL Professional barber Hair Trimmer technology with premium 6000 RPM motor. Outliner hair Trimmer is Extended 2100mA li-ion battery for 180 minutes of use. Advanced firmware with overcharge protection circuit. ELECTRIC BEARD TRIMMER BATTERY LIFE Babyliss Hair...
$345.00 $273.90
BaBylissPRO Silver Hair Foil Electric Shaver - Outliner Trimmer Combo
Professional Hair Outliner Trimmer Barberology combines the best of both worlds. When combined, the BaBylissPRO FX Silver Outliner Trimmer and Shaver Duo creates a dynamic silver team. With twice the power, you get twice the results. Professional Hair Foil Shaver...
$650.00 $565.00
BaBylissPRO Electric Shaver Cordless Gold Hair Trimmer Double
BaBylissPRO Gold Outliner Lithium Hair Trimmer FX787G & FoilFX02 Cordless Gold Double Foil Shaver Set Full Metal Professional Shaver of BaBylissPRO Foil Shaver range is a perfect blend of luxury, design and high-technology. Double Foil Shaver have been designed to achieve perfect trims and Metal Professional Shaver,...
$650.00 $565.00
BaByliss PRO FoilFX02 Cordless Rose Gold Foil Electric Shaver - Zero Gap Outliner Lithium Hair Trimmer - FX787RGA
BaByliss PRO FoilFX02 Cordless Rose Gold Foil Shaver - Zero Gap Outliner Lithium Hair Trimmer - FX787RGA Full Metal Professional Shaver of BaBylissPRO Foil Shaver range is a perfect blend of luxury, design and high-technology. Double Foil Shaver have been...
$650.00 $565.00
ANDIS Slimline Pro Li Cordless Trimmer
$210.00 $192.50
ANDIS Slimline Pro Li Cordless Trimmer
New ANDIS Slimline Pro GTX Andis’s popular Slimline Pro Li now comes with a larger blade that everybody has been asking for. The Andis Slimline Pro GTX is now fitted with the Andis GTX blade for a wider blade compared...
$210.00 $192.50
All In One Nose And Ear Hair Trimmer For Men
Multifunctional Nose Hair Trimmer-To-Reach Places With This Complete Hair Removal Kit. Electric razor is one of the few home grooming tools that can actually help you save money. Multifunctional Nose Hair Trimmer piece of equipment will make it easier to...
$45.90 $29.90
Andis Professional Cordless T-Outliner Lithium-Ion Trimmer
Andis Cordless T-Outliner LI Trimmer - Classic Performance with Cordless Freedom  The classic performance you expect from the T-Outliner, now with cordless freedom and convenience. Lithium-ion battery delivers over 100 minutes of nonstop run time; charges in just 1 hour...
$349.21 $312.90
Electric Growing Hair Trimmer-All in one 10 attachment trimmer
Even if it is broken, you can replace it with new brand by paying an extra $50 within a year.       All in 1 trimmer for face, head and body styling: 10pieces for all your trimming needs Maximum...
$189.90 $99.25
Super Torque Black Hair Clipper Set- Andis Proline T Blade Trimmer - Wahl Finale Shaver - 440c Steel 6 Inch Barber Salon Scissors Hair Cutting Set
HAIR CUTTING SET FOR PROFESSIONAL BARBER SALON Super Speed Hair clipper for hair cutting glide flawlessly through the hair strands, producing even and perfectly smooth haircut finish that your clients will surely love! Magnetic Motor cordless hair clippers have metal click...
$672.45 $575.90
Super Speed G3 Hair Clipper Set- Wahl Beret Hair T-liner -Wahl FinaleElectric Shaver
Wahl Professional 5star Ultimate Finishing Tool Finale Shaver Wahl Finale Shaver Perfect for finishing and blending bald fades, cleaning up hair and neck lines, eliminating stray hairs. Bump Free Gold Foil. 5 Star Finale Shaver is the ultimate finishing tool. The Finale shaver is...
$665.43 $549.90
Cordless T-Blade Trimmer - Linear Magnetic Motor Hair Clipper Set
Linear Magnetic Motor Hair Clipper World’s fastest 10w Japanese linear magnetic motor, 10,000+ SPM Ultra low noise technology 3350 mAh li-ion battery 3+ hours of constant power. USB cord, cordless / corded technology Japanese 440c stainless steel blade Additional DLC...
Andis Multi Trimmer Kit - Black
$118.00 $98.00
Andis Multi Trimmer Kit - Black
Andis Multi Trimmer Kit - Black Sleek, balanced & ergonomic design for comfortable, controlled trimming, outlining & shaping Cord/cordless design for use anytime, anywhere Powerful lithium-ion battery gives a 90 minute run time Dual-voltage for worldwide use Includes stand up...
$118.00 $98.00
Andis Nose Trimmer NT-2
$42.00 $32.40
Andis Nose Trimmer NT-2
ANDIS - FAST TRIM EAR AND NOSE TRIMMER   Features: FastTrim safely trims nose and ear hair. Recessed cutting blades safer than scissors. Cordless battery-operation one AA battery (included) Surgical stainless-steel blades rinse clean and are rust resistant. Specifications: Model:...
$42.00 $32.40
ANDIS Supra Li 5 Adjustable Blade Clipper
ANDIS Supra Li 5 Adjustable Blade Clipper  Andis Easy Style Adjustable Blade Clipper features a magnetic motor. Best for all users doing light-duty grooming . Its simple design & fewer parts makes this motor long lasting. This easy to use...
$298.00 $248.00
ANDIS Slimline Pro Li Trimmer Black
$239.00 $199.00
ANDIS Slimline Pro Li Trimmer Black
Bring more Andis tools into your toolbox. The Andis Slimline Pro Li trimmer in brushed aluminium is a nicely balanced, ergonomic trimmer that’s good for a variety of functions, including outlining, designing, and dry shaving. It has a lightweight design...
$239.00 $199.00
Andis GTX-EXO Cordless Li T-Outliner Black Trimmer
Andis GTX-EXO Cordless Li Trimmer ANDIS GTX-EXO CORDLESS LI TRIMMER This product has an AU/NZ plug. Disclaimer: This is a professional product, for professional use only. Please review the included manual before use for maintenance instructions. ALL clippers need to be...
$431.00 $349.00
Wahl Classic Detailer Trimmer - Black
$183.00 $146.00
Wahl Classic Detailer Trimmer - Black
Wahl Classic Detailer Trimmer – Black – WA8081-1312 Our Most Popular Trimmer! Specifically designed for edge lining and detailing work. The T shaped blade adjusts to Zero Overlap, allowing you to cut closer to the skin and making it the...
$183.00 $146.00
Wahl Beret Trimmer Pro Lithium Brushed Aluminium WA8841-612
Wahl Beret Trimmer - Brushed Aluminium Pro Lithium Silver - WA8841-612     This compact & stylish trimmer features a highly efficient & durable Lithium-Ion battery! Its ergonomic design is super slim and light in weight, making it easy to...
$227.00 $188.00

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Hair trimmer for men. You may be digging the shaggy look, but you know there will come the point when you need to tidy up a little by hair trimmer for men at home.

Hair trimmer may prove a challenge for some, while others might find Hair trimmer as easy as riding a bike. However, in either case, your job will get tremendously easier if you have the right Hair trimmer.

Beard trimmer If you want to just do Beard trim a quick touch up, and clean up all the stray hair, then here are the best Beard trimmer in Australia.

For those who want to give themselves the barbershop haircut experience, we recommend you look into our picks for the best clippers.

 Babyliss Pro Cordless Hair Trimmer

Babyliss pro Hair cutting machine A highly sought-after trimmer, Babyliss Cordless Trimmer has a modern, slim design that is lightweight, low heat and noise.

Babyliss Pro Cordless Hair Trimmer is the perfect tool for hairline hair trimming and cleaning up beards, neckline and sideburns. With the snap-on guards, you can create designs and do detail work. Babyliss Pro Cordless Hair Trimmer With a 60-minute runtime, you can take your time when cutting hair at home to get every detail right. The stainless steel t-blades have a 360-degree view and will give you no problem in getting down the finest of details.

Babyliss Pro Cordless Hair Trimmer With the trimmer in your bag, you will look your best through the toughest of days.

ANDIS Slimline Pro GTX Cordless Trimmer

Andis Slimline Cordless Trimmer Looking for something that gets the job done and saves you time? The Andis Slimline Pro Hair Trimmer is the answer.

Andis Slimline Cordless Trimmer is powerful, durable, and, above anything else, fast. The rechargeable Cordless Hair Trimmer gives you the freedom to go cordless with the ultra-fast charging and sustained performance. With a whole 120 minutes of battery usage time, Andis Slimline Cordless Trimmer is ready when you are.

Andis Slimline Cordless Trimmer With the Quick Trim, you can easily tidy yourself up in one go when cutting hair at home. 

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