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Why Hair Styling Wax Is Better For Your Hair Than a Traditional Gel?

Why Hair Styling Wax Is Better For Your Hair Than a Traditional Gel?

Onur Aydin |

Hair Wax for Men

Our most successful product is Da’Wax, a fantastic hair wax for men. Wax is now been more commonly used as for many years it was the gel that was men’s preferred choice, but over the last several years that has started to change and hair wax is taking over. In this blog post we outline the reasons why.

Why do people use Hair Wax or Gel?

People use wax and gel to style their hair a certain way for everyday life and proper grooming. We are very conscious about our hair and that it is in line that we always check up on it periodically; if something is off, we brush it back into place. There are different ways to keep the hair intact, either with sprays or by manual use. There are pros and cons with gel and wax, but wax’s pros outweigh their cons and the pros of gel. Here is why hair wax is better than gel and why more people are buying wax. 


Compared to wax, gel is made of water mixed with alcohol and other ingredients that does not hold up in the long term. Wax is very pliable and does not dry like gel because it is a natural-based product. It is sold under different names, but their form of texture and consistency in quality makes it very popular for younger people. The leading purpose of wax is putting on that texture, along with plenty shine in the hair and enough control to where a strand does not fall down. Those with short and medium length hair will prefer wax over gel. Wax works for a more formal style; it is not about volume, but about sleekness and neatness. Compared to gels, hair wax does not dry out as hard, so the hair can be adjusted without any extra application at any time, staying pliable.




Wax is also good for creating different styles for short hair and it does not dry out. Hair gel does, causing dehydration to the hair and loses the creation of its style. An overdose of gel use could damage the follicles and make the hair feel crusted and weaker. For wax, only a small dose is necessary for a whole day’s look. It does not shine as much, but again, the control is what makes wax more likeable that gel. No one likes their hair to suddenly fall apart and slowly become a mess. That is another problem with gel: the mess it can do and makes hair greasy. Gel works with wet hair, a reason for the greasiness. Wax is also made as pomade that gives hair a matte finish when it is dry rather than wet.

Wax or Gel may have certain chemicals, but it can be bought from brands that are mainly natural. Men’s hair wax products are growing in popularity and customers can purchase hair wax from our very online store. glorie is the ultimate hair styling Wax for Men. It works like magic on thick, thin or normal hair types from short to medium lengths. You will look great, smell good and feel confident. Check out the positive feedback we have received from happy customers, you won’t be disappointed with your purchase!