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Unveiling the Allure of Ash Brown Hair: Embrace the Cool Elegance of the Latest Hair Color Trend!

Batuhan Torlak |

Ash Brown Hair Color Trends

Ash brown hair is a cool shade that can be worn on its own or with popular highlighting techniques such as ombre and balayage. It works best on cooler skin tones and frames lighter eye colors beautifully.

If you're going for a light ash brown shade, try using blue shampoo to prevent color fade and brassiness. This product deposits a cool blue pigment that cancels out warm orange tones.

Light Ash Brown Hair

This light ash brown hair colour is perfect for those who want to go lighter without sacrificing their natural brown base. It's also a great option for brunettes who want to lighten up but don't want to bleach completely blonde. The ashy shade helps to preserve your natural color and adds a cool finish that's easy to maintain with regular touch-ups.

Using a balayage technique, your colorist will create a light ash brown ombre that looks naturally sun-kissed. The cool undertones of this shade complement warm skin tones and give your hair tons of dimension.

If you prefer to keep your roots a little darker but still want to try the ash brown trend, ask your colorist to incorporate silvers into your balayage, like this look on model Barbara Palvin. The cooler tones help to tone down any yellow or red highlights in your hair and balance out the warmer strands. This is a look that's easily maintainable with toning shampoos and will stay looking fresh until your next color appointment.

Smokey Ash Brown Hair

If you’re on the fence about going platinum blonde this season, try a warm ash brown balayage instead. This hue is a perfect middle ground between warm and cool tones and looks fantastic on a wide range of skin tones. Just make sure you invest in a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to avoid brassiness.

Dark ash brown hair is a classic look that can be styled in many ways. For a simple and stylish look, ask your stylist to add some face framing caramel highlights for a pretty blend of colors that will highlight your features.

If you’re a fan of the ombre trend but want to try out ash brown hair, consider this Kim Kardashian-approved option. Keep your complexion-warming honey strands on the ends and ask your stylist to cool down the rest with a subtle ash tone for a softer finish. This look is low-maintenance and easy to maintain with toning products.

Dark Ash Brown Hair

If you are looking to try out the ash brown hair color trend but don’t want to go too light, this dark ash brown sombre shade is perfect for you. A spin-off of the ombre hair color trend, it’s super subtle and will give you a gorgeous gradient of color without going too gray.

This ashy mushroom brown hue is also known as “portabella brown” and is one of the most popular colors for brunettes who want to look fresh and sophisticated. This cool toned shade is a modern variant of a classic hair color, and it looks amazing on almost all complexions.

If you’re a little nervous about bleaching your naturally dark hair to go lighter, ask your stylist for this creamy ashy brown dye job instead. It’s a beautiful shade that will look soft and natural, and it won’t require much maintenance since ashy tones fade less quickly than warm shades. Pair it with a blunt bob or ask for some face-framing highlights around your face.

Ash Blonde Hair

If you’re a brunette, ash blonde hair dye can be a natural way to lighten your color. You can go for a full-head of the cool shade, or focus the color on your highlights and lowlights for an ombre or balayage effect that is both beautiful and low-maintenance.

Mushroom brown is a neutral, medium ash blonde that closely resembles the earthy tone of portobello mushroom caps. It’s a versatile, cool hue that looks great on all complexions, and it works well on all hair textures.

Add some ash blonde highlights to your long, chocolate hair for a sun-kissed look that frames your face. Or, try a balayage technique that’s like hand-painting your strands for natural-looking hair color that doesn’t require root regrowth as frequently. This look is also easy to maintain and accentuates your naturally dark eyebrows. If you’re ready to take the plunge into ash blonde hair, be sure to book an appointment with a professional and follow their instructions to get the perfect shade.