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Barber Supplies and Barber Equipment

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Barber Supplies Store Melbourne

Whether you are opening your first barber shop or need to replace old equipment, it's important to have high-quality barber supplies. You'll want to stock up on scissors, combs, and caps that will help keep your clients clean and comfortable throughout their treatment.

Barber Supplies You'll also need neck duster brushes to remove stray hair clippings from the back or front of your client's neck, as well as towels to wipe away excess shaving cream and other trimmings.

Barber Supplies Scissors

Barber Equipment Scissors are a pair of metal blades that meet and cut materials placed between them when their handles at the ends are brought together. The term shears is sometimes used to denote larger instruments of this type.

The earliest scissors were spring-type, with bronze blades connected to their handles by a strip that brought them together when squeezed and pulled apart when released. Pivoted scissors did not appear until 1761, when Robert Hinchliffe of Sheffield, England, started using cast steel in their manufacture.

Modern high-quality scissors are made from blanks formed by drop forging, in which a die is dropped onto a bar of red-hot steel to shape it. The blades are then riveted or screwed to the handles. Some are made with composite thermoplastic and rubber handles.

Barber Combs

Brushes are another barber supply essential used in the salon to clean hair, keep it tangle-free and give it volume. Often times, professional barbers use brushes when gauging the length of a client’s hair. They also like to use duster brushes which are used to remove stray hair clippings from the neck of their clients.

You also want to make sure you have a barber chair and barber station in your shop. Look for a chair that is comfortable and can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of each client.

Also, find a barber station that is equipped with drawers and surface space to store and organize your tools and supplies. You need a place to sterilize and disinfect your clippers before and after each service.

Barber Neck Dusters

Use neck dusters to brush away excess hair clippings from the face and neckline after a haircut. These barber supplies come with soft, luxe nylon and natural horsehair brushes that are gentle on the skin, as well as a convenient stand-up base that makes them easy to keep sanitary in a salon or barber station.

Some models have a built-in powder dispenser that releases loose talc quickly with the push of a button. Others have a full width with abundant bristles and a comfortable grip handle that’s great for sweeping off hair or applying a light dusting of powder. They also work as an alternative to traditional brushes that can be difficult to keep sanitary and may transmit bacteria from client to client. The vacuum neck dusters are also a great addition to your barber supplies, as they help remove hairs more easily while being easier to clean than traditional brushes.

Barber Towels

The barbering industry is on the rise with more and more individuals seeking to become licensed. As more people take up the trade, your salon or barber shop will need plenty of towels.

A quality towel is an essential part of any barber supply, providing comfort and transforming basic haircuts into five-star experiences. Look for towels made from premium cotton that is soft against the face and is designed to last through countless uses and washes.

The cotton fibers of these wholesale barber towels also act as a natural deodorizer, resisting the buildup of musty and mildew odors. Keep a supply of fresh, clean towels on hand for your patrons and staff alike.