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Babyliss Pro

BaBylissPRO Silver Hair Double Foil Shaver - Outliner Trimmer Combo

$439.90 $605.00

Professional Hair Outliner Trimmer Barberology combines the best of both worlds. When combined, the BaBylissPRO FX Silver Outliner Trimmer and Shaver Duo creates a dynamic silver team. With twice the power, you get twice the results.

Professional Hair Foil Shaver For crisp edges, hard lines, and other fine detail work, the motor in the BaBylissPRO FX Silver shaver Lithium Outliner Trimmer was designed by Ferrari.

T-blade tirmmer with zero-gap trimmer, deep-toothed teeth is incredibly precise. Using hypoallergenic titanium foils, the BaBylissPRO FX Silver Double Foil Shaver is the ideal companion for close-cutting performance. An incredible 180 minutes of cordless use time is provided by the cord/cordless capability.

Babyliss Pro Best Foil Shaver 

Double Foil Shaver is best suited for finishing fades and removing stubble, with a silver Titanium Foil shaver hypoallergenic foil for smooth, irritation-free shaving. The Lithium-ion battery can provide over 3 hour runtime on a single charge, lasting 2x longer than other Foil shavers! Its light weight (140g) makes it easy to handle and manoeuvre to hit every angle, while the powerful and quiet rotary motor ensures comfort during use without sacrificing on capacity.

Babyliss Pro Hair Trimmer For Men

Professional hair trimmer for men is versatile enough to do many different jobs. Some come with a variety of tools that will help you remove beard and body hair. They are also easy to use at home and don't require an electrician to use. For those who are more practical, there are cordless hair clipper versions. Some of professional hair Trimmer are designed to be used at home. Professional beard trimmers are also great for travel. These trimmers are a great option for a guy who isn't sure what type of clipper is best for him.

Babyliss Lithium Outliner Trimmer Features:

- Graphite deep-tooth zero-gap T-glade (zero-gap tool included)

- 360◦ exposed T-blade

- High-torque Trimmers, brushless, Ferrari-designed 7200 rpm engine

- Professional beard trimmer All-metal housing

- Professional beard trimmer Cord/cordless

- Lithium ion battery Trimmer

- 2 hour cordless runtime

- Dual voltage for worldwide usage

- 2 year warranty


Silver FX Double Foil Shaver Features:

- Double Foil Shaver Hypoallergenic, titanium double foil system

- All-metal housing

- Double Foil Shaver Powerful rotary motor

- Double Foil Shaver Cord/cordless

- Up to 3 hours cordless runtime

- 2 year warranty

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