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BaBylissPRO Gold FX Hair Clipper & Trimmer And Foil FX02 Set

$815.90 $1,002.00

BaByliss PRO Gold FX Cord/Cordless Hair Clipper Designed By Ferrari

Gold FX Clipper is a professional cordless clipper, equipped with a motor designed by Ferrari. A perfect tool to cut all hair textures with power, speed and precision.

Contains stainless steel blade with DLC / nickel-titanium coating; Cutting length adjustment lever with 5 positions. High-performance carbonless engine designed by Ferrari.



Gold FX 870G

Babyliss Pro Gold trimmers on the market, Bayliss pro hair t-outliner is one of the most popular. Gold Hair Trimmer comes with 4 different comb attachments and has an impressive one-year warranty. Babyliss Pro trimmers ergonomic design is perfect for men with a bushy beard. hair trimmer machine has an anti-friction skin follower and an easy-to-access steel clipper head, keeping your beard looking neat and tidy.




Babyliss Pro Gold Professional Hair Trimmer technology with premium 8,500 RPM motor. Babyliss Pro trimmers Extended 2100mA li-ion battery for 240 minutes of use. Advanced firmware with overcharge protection circuit.


Babyliss Pro Gold trimmers Extended 1600mA li-ion battery for 150 minutes of use. In this way, the best hair trimmer can be charged in 60 minutes and provide 150 minutes of use. In addition, the Professional Cordless Gold Hair Trimmer circuit protects itself to conserve battery life and stops charging when full.




Babyliss Pro Gold trimmers with SkinSafe technology replaceable stainless steel blades are placed 2 mm back from the edge and Professional Cordless hair Trimmer prepared with precision technology provides a single cut without breaking your hair thanks to its blade action.



Professional hair trimmer for men is designed with the new, innovative concept of facial fuzz control. Gold Hair Trimmer Since our hair t-outliner and mustache are the center of attention for men with Professional Beard Trimmer, we must take care of them. Unfortunately, too much attention can be quite unattractive, particularly when we sport a disheveled beard. With the help of the beard trimming trimmer, we can shape and style our beards into more attractive shapes, including our quality.


Professional Gold Hair Trimmers Australia is specially designed to trim beards and mustaches. Professional Gold Hair Trimmers powerful lithium ion rechargeable battery lasts for 2 hours of continuous use, so you can use Professional Cordless Hair Trimmers Australia continuously for months on end without ever recharging it! Professional Cordless beard Trimmers Australia makes it an ideal item if you often travel. Best Cordless Hair Trimmers Australia comes with four different attachment heads, including a precision hair trimmer head for very intricate patterns and even general clean-up, a double-edged curved T-blade Hair Trimmers for shaping and trimming stubble, and a portable wet razor with dual blades for easy travel. Also, hair t-outliner comes with an additional detachable serrated edge. The hair t-outliner also offers adjustable shaving head heights.


Zero Gap Hair Trimmers are also much easier to clean than the manual Zero Gap Hair Trimmers, as they are made of very easy to maintain materials. Bayliss pro hair t-outliner come with a warranty. Professional Hair Trimmers are made of high quality stainless steel, which make them very sharp and efficient at removing body facial hair. They are also lightweight and very durable, making them perfect for use outdoors and in all kinds of weather conditions.


Gold Hair Trimmer Ergonomic Design 

T-outline trimmer has a personalized carved body, compact and portable, and weighs about 0.27 pounds, comfortable to hold. T-outline trimmer comes with 4x guide combs (1.5mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm) to meet the needs of different lengths. The Babyliss Por hair Trimmer set allows you to cut your hair wherever you want by eliminating the cable and socket limitation.T-outline trimmer can be used easily whether you are a beginner or a professional hairdresser.

T-Outliner Hair Trimmer

  • Adjustable Zero-Gap T-Blade
  • High-torque, brushless
  • Speed up to 7200 rpm
  • Cord/cordless trimmer
  • Ideal for crispy edge ups, hard lines and all other detail work
  • Hanging hook
  • LED charge indicator lights
  • Stainless Steel Blades.
  • 5-Detent Taper Control.

BaBylissPRO Foil FX02 Double Foil Shaver - Gold

The full-metal professional shaver of BaBylissPRO range is a perfect blend of luxury, design and high-technology.

Babyliss Pro Gold Foil Shaver has been designed to achieve perfect trims and shades, becoming the perfect tools for extra-close shaves, for cleaning hairline and offer clean, net results.

Babyliss Pro Gold Foil Shaver ultra-thin floating foil system delivers a safe, close shave without irritating the skin. Gold Double Foil Shaver is very comfortable to use thanks to its perfectly balanced design. Its full-metal housing is elegant but not only, but also Gold Double Foil Shaver is very resistant.

Babyliss Pro shaving foil unit can be removed very easily for easy regular maintenance. After use simply replace the protective cover of the shaver in order to turn it off.

Babyliss Pro Gold Foil Shaver With BaBylissPRO Artists metal foil shaver FOILFX02 you can fuse the blend on bald fades, shave a whole head on very short hair. Babyliss Pro Gold Foil Shaver enables you to even up, clean up the neckline, eliminate stubble and stray hairs from the face for clean shaving and a perfect irritation-free finish.

Gold Double Foil Shaver Featuring

Gold Double Foil Shaver NiMH battery the FXFS2GE works cord or cordless. Gold Double Foil Shaver delivers up to 3 hours of continuous run time on a single ultra-fast charge of 3 hours only. Gold Double Foil Shaver cord and cordless operation will enable you to get through your clients, one after the other, without having to stop using the unit until it is recharged.

Gold Double Foil Shaver is ultra-fast and powerful DC motor delivers 11 000 movements of blades per minute!

Gold Double Foil Shaver Ultra-thin staggered double foil head provides the perfect cut in “hugging” the contour of the head or the face. 44 mm large shaving zone will enable you to work combining speedier performance and perfection.



Full-metal housing • Powerful rotating DC motor – 11 000 movements of blade per minute

  • Ultra-thin floating staggered double foil system
  • NiMH battery
  • 3-hour run time on a single ultra-fast charge of 3 hours
  • 44 mm large shaving zone
  • Auto cover shut-off
  • Storage pouch – cleaning brush
  • 3 m professional power cord
  • Universal voltage

– Hypoallergenic, Gold-color titanium Foils
– Offset double-foil system
– Counter cutting system
– Metal housing
– Powerful rotary motor
– Cordless/Up to 3 hours of run time
– Auto cover/shutoff
– Includes storage pouch
– Limited 2-year warranty


BFS2GA: Replacement foil head and cutter for double foil shaver FOILFX02

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